White Fang 2: Myth of The White Wolf

Non Official – Promo
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4 thoughts on “White Fang 2: Myth of The White Wolf

  1. The more I listen to new scores, the more I look back into the old scores and hope for releases of the unreleased, for more of “The Masters” so well defined here in the left panel!
    Those scores, with their – allegedly- mere and perverse intension of “Giving me the candy” of the screening, were and are the ones that give me so much happiness!
    In opposition, nowadays, what we get, for most parts, is a melange of “functional” music in a copy-and-paste-and-mirror-forever fashion, that even dissolves the “potential” personality and uniqueness of the composers.
    Hail, Steiner!
    Hail, Waxman!
    Hail, Herrmann!
    Hail, Goldsmith!
    Hail, Bernstein!

    Hail, all The Masters!

    • Yes it’s right, But there is still some good composers, of course some are alreaddy gone. Many of the masters are from my generation, but the next one like James Horner unfortunately Gone RIP, John Williams, James Newton Howard, Bill Conti, Thomas, David, Randy Newman, John Scott etc… Many of thèses composers are old now, and the next generation is alreaddy on work but unfortunatelly they don’t make music we love, It’s sad. I think times of Symphonic Orchestra for a film music are gone.

  2. “…still some good composers,…” that’s what I mean with “for most parts”…I agree 100% with you!
    And yes. That living old and still aging generation of composers will leave a huge hole in the universe of the good scores when they retire. In some point after all their music will be like the Classical Music (Bach, Mozart, etc.): a limited number of scores to listen to over and over again.
    The bright part: I notice in these days the increasingly number of film-score themed concerts everywhere, to include Festivals like the Tenerife, Fimucité, Hollywood in Vienna, and many more!
    Good for us 🙂

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